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How Two College Cousins Continue A Legacy

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Cortese Designs was established in 1999 by Marci Cortese. She and her husband Jim were avid tennis and golf players, and heard from their friends a desire for a new dry performance sock with new, exciting designs. Marci had 20 years running other sport accessory businesses, and together with her husband they launched Cortese Designs. 

Jim passed in 2016, and Marci made the difficult decision to sell her business, however she wanted someone she trusted to continue the legacy of Cortese. 


That’s where as close family friends of the Cortese’s and cousins Chaz and Tyler Sommer, start our story. We pooled our money and jumped on the amazing opportunity to continue Cortese Designs.

Both of us have been long time tennis players and athletes, and have always loved the Cortese athletic comfort socks.

Our mission is to continue to provide great customer service and the amazing product you have come to love, while aiming to grow Cortese into a recognizable brand and expand the selection of designs to appeal to everyone!

Cortese started as a home roots tennis sock intended for comfort and style, and we plan to continue this trend. All manufacturing happens here in the USA, and we strive to keep our socks as comfortable, stylish, and affordable as possible.

Thank you for supporting Cortese Designs and being part of the Cortese family!

Chaz and Tyler Sommer

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